a cry for help in the night!!

ok. so jenn and i want to do our own little show and we’ve begun to master some simple audacity and skype tasks to do this and make our recording quality at least passable. i’m doing more reading, both online and at the library nearby (yay george!), but i am still feeling a bit like some of the recording/mixing equipment is a bit over my head computer wise.

now, it is integral to the success of our project that jennifer not be saddled with every computer savvy requirement of putting out a podcast. and i have a real interest in shaping and contributing to the sound and format of any show we put out.

so my question is this: what type of equipment are people using? what type of programs? i know our old friend dan! is at this very moment practically matrixed into his apartment and massive mac based system that verily pulses with its own life force. so maybe, uh dan!, not so much!! but anybody else, with a more homespun approach? i’ve got a sony vaio laptop (no derogatory mac user comments, please! 🙂 ), and some spare change. but though i’m sort of a techie in that i do like gadgets and am very plugged in”, i’m no code monkey.

suggestions? thoughts? bueller?


4 thoughts on “a cry for help in the night!!

  1. My wife’s podcast Lip Gloss and Laptops (http://www.lipglossandlaptops.com) uses a very simple workflow: she and her co-host record with external inexpensive MXL condenser mics into a Zoom H4 flash recorder. I take the SD card from that recorder and import the file into GarageBand, add some intro and outro music and stuff, and export to MP3. You could easily do the same with Audacity.

    I’ll be making an episode of Inside Home Recording TV about that soon, so it might help you see how it works. It’s sure a much simpler process than what we do for IHR.

    Derek K. Miller, co-host
    Inside Home Recording

  2. I can’t give any techy advice, but want you to know I’m supporting you guys! And if there IS anything I can do, just holler!

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