Those Darn Cats Talk Star Wars on All About the Mouse

How awesome are Bryan and Jonathan? Awesome enough that they welcomed us onto their show this week to talk about Star Wars, one of our favorite subject. I am especially tickled and flattered that their intro refers to us as “mistresses of enchantment and chaos.” It was super-fun to talk about Star Wars with such cool geeky guys!

Jonathan and Brian, thanks so much for having us on the show! Everybody, you gotta go listen to it . . . the intro is in fact quite stellar, and of course we had so much fun talking with these guys that I do believe it should be fun to listen to, as well.


4 thoughts on “Those Darn Cats Talk Star Wars on All About the Mouse

  1. we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy! omg – and listen to me, i barely talk. because i was stunned into silence by the mayhem and magic that is JONATHON AND BRYAN!!!!! thanks guys!

  2. It was purely our pleasure to have you guys on the show this week.Although I will say the cats provided a little more MAYHEM to the show than usual.But we had a blast!

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