those @!$@!&% cats!

well, to either great consternation or relief – we know we will find out which soon 😉 – and due to our wacky travel schedules this week, we elected to hold back – yes, tantalize our loyal listeners for just another week before we put out another “semi-” lost episode ot TDC. trust me, it’s another nutty one – sure to get lots of comments and/or strange looks. but used to this we are….

in the meantime, we personally are still reeling from guesting on AATM last friday – especially the work of those nutty sound guys, jeff and mike! i mean wow! all i know is, i’m rededicating myself to the force and getting me a light saber @SWW! um, y’all heard i get to go to SWW, right???? i know, i know, don’t get cocky, kid.

and again, send us any suggestions etc.. as we gear up (read: learn to work audacity) and get ready for our debut! per suggestions, i have procured an email address for the podcast (just got to figure out how to link that thing correctly!) and am looking into a voicemail. although, after the hours of “mongello!” and “i’m mongellin’ like a fellon” that one night during chat over at the mouseguest boards produced (eric was not amused), i do fear for voicemail revenge….

over and out!


3 thoughts on “those @!$@!&% cats!

  1. “i’m mongellin’ like a fellon” I LOVE IT!!!

    And I second the thanks for the shout out. Glad you Darn Cats enjoyed it. I could not resist throwing you into the mix when Bryan let it slip that you would be on the show.

    I look forward to checking out your new podcast.

    Mongello and Scopa! to you both,

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