you find the strangest things on peoples blogs

(cue star wars theme here)


over at the snowy tundra blog, jeff and mike – those masters of  intros and special effects  – give we cats a fabulous shout out! and jeff needs your help putting together a “top 10” for AATM(what, stacy wasn’t available?)…

also, published the promo “the voice” made for us – i’m such a sucker for anything that starts with: “IN A WORLD….” (NSFW-go to  3:20 for the trailer reference – side note – it’s been a long time since i went to the movies in SF and, yes, they do hiss). many thanks to jonathon for making this up for us!! feel free (no pressure) to play on YOUR podcast or, alternatively, pressure your favorite podcasters to play for you! 😉

i’m anxiously awaiting the continuation of the TDC/Stitch/Jedi saga. i still think we should get capes. i know, i KNOW- NO capes.


9 thoughts on “you find the strangest things on peoples blogs

  1. Thank you for shouting back. I appreciate it.

    And oh sure, NOW I see the typo in my art work. haha and opps. Nver “save as” without proof reading…

    Expect AATM to release new episodes beginning June 6th.
    And yes Those Darn Cats will be mentioned again.
    As of now, your written into the 4th episode which should air on June 20th.
    But if the Jedi Counsel gets its way, a 5th episode may be in the works. (details are still in my head… somewhere)(darn Jedi mind tricks!!!)

    What fate is in store for the Feline Fellons? You just have to wait like everyone else.

  2. Lapu Lapu’s my friend. Lapu Lapu’s

    So I guess the Lapu warning should read:
    Don’t Drive, Don’t operate heavy machinery, and Don’t blog without spell check.

    Ohh I soooo need a Lapu right now…

  3. Lapu? bless you! here’s a tissue! honestly, i didn’t even KNOW there was a typo till you said that!!! oy! too many lapus for me…..

    and i am the queen of late night blogging and posting (even minus lapus) and missing the spell check, dahling… words, words

  4. The Tundra room studio just would not be the same without grabbing the frozen pineapple I keep in my freezer and occasionally filling it up with a well mixed beverage.

  5. I wonder what sort of trouble the Mistresses of Enchantmet and Choas will get into next.Flash Mountain while drinking Lapu Lapus with Lisa showing way too much PDA to a certain escaped little blue Alien?OK…Maybe that was a little over the top!

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