PDA at Disney Parks? Would You, Could You?

Okay, this one’s not strictly a “lost” Those Darn Cats episode . . . this one’s got a slightly different backstory. Once upon a time, we were recording a segment, and went on a tangent (shockingly enough!), and it simply just couldn’t return to the land of the family friendly. Sadly, the recording cut off mid-conversation, so Lisa and I got talking about the same topic again, and this time didn’t even bother trying to stay on target.

Download the episode here

Now, after y’all listen, we really want you to chime in here . . . what are the acceptable limits of affection at Disney Parks? Don’t be shy, people.


24 thoughts on “PDA at Disney Parks? Would You, Could You?

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  2. I’m with Lisa on most of the scenarios on Disney PDA.
    Now, in the HM there is always room. I think I have heard once there is always room for one more and speaking of ROOM. Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it your imagination, hmm? Maybe the CM’s are making room for people so they can makeout. I never thought of that until now. Maybe down at City hall people like Lisa have complained there is just no room to make out while in HM.

  3. It’s an interesting discussion. And as you mentioned in the podcast people behave differently in other parks.
    Whenever I have visited Disney parks the guests there seem more reserved than those you might find at, oh say Six Flags or Kansas City’s Worlds of Fun. Is it fair to say that for the most part, the guests who visit Disney are (how should put this) more civilized.
    I certainly have no problem with holding hands or seeing a romantic kiss. Just don’t suck each others face off and grope each other. I see enough of that at the Iowa State Fair.

    Dole Whip in August. I can’t wait…

  4. I really have no problem with it. Hey I’m a lover not a fighter. My only problem is the handy touchy that should be left behind your hotel room door. I have no problem with someone giving their significant other a little pat on the toosh, but that’s about it. I have been known to do that to my wife while in the parks and she always returns the favor. And making out in the HM is something I now will have to try on my next trip. With my wife of course. I just hope the ride does not brake down in front of the Bride like it did last time for me. YIKES!

  5. I don’t have a problem with people giving each other a quick romantic smootch and hold hands on the HM, not full on tonsil hockey. Plus the HM mansion is a dark and semi-private spot (in your doombuggy), and I can see why especially gay couples would want to share a quick romantic moment (again not full on makeout) with their loved one and give a quick kiss when others on property can’t see.

    That way they aren’t “on display” out in the park (as I have heard conservative people say). A quick kiss on the HM is light especially when someone might feel to even hold hands out in the park would give to, too many stares.

    I hope I made sense here. Written form of communication isn’t my forte.

  6. An interesting point about gay couples, Ken . . . I hadn’t thought much about that aspect (strangely enough!), but yes indeed sexual orientation is relevant here.

    Anybody ever heard the expression, “It takes balls to be a fairy?” There’s a certain kind of courage it takes to be out and queer, and sometimes it takes its toll. While I myself certainly skipped through Disneyland holding hands with a long-ago girlfriend of mine and didn’t get any flack for it, I also know the emotional fatigue that can set in from the attitudes one certainly encounters from time to time, and can understand the desire for a quiet, private moment where one is free from the potentially-judging eyes of others.

  7. I completly forgot to talk about night of joy. Not only out of control PDA, but they also experience the highest volume of theft in the retail stores. When I was a CM back in ’99 thats all I ever heard from the veteran CM’s about night of joy.

  8. I enjoyed this episode, and I agree with most of the discussion about PDA at Disney, although I must admit I was a little surprised/confused when I heard that even “holding hands” is too much PDA? Huh? My DH and I are always walking hand in hand as we stroll around the parks (unless we have to manuever through a crowd). Could we really be offending people?

  9. no, vegas pixie! holding hands is ok! i think i was having a visceral reaction to the whole HM grope fest image. i tend to be a little extreme like that! no, hand holding in a chast romantic way is fine! romantic! just only little kisses, closed mouths, please!!! and i appreciate that you and DH are aware of the crowds! sometimes those lovey dovey folks are hard to get around!!! 😉

  10. Idea for next podcast: Your thoughts on the family trip to WDW and Mom and Dads ‘Little Souvenir’.

    Keep up the great work!

  11. okay – first of all it’s a freakin’ TROLL! Not a gnome! And if you haven’t been spanked by the troll, you don’t know what you’re missing! 😉

    And Miss Lisa, I’m shocked that you’re such a PDA prude… 😉


  13. Awesome show and very funny! 🙂 as far as the kisses I had and will kiss my sweet heart any time any place but we won’t do a scene in a public place and have the longest kiss ever. Besides we married at WDW Sunset Pointe Polynesian Resort 🙂 if love is in the air and someone feels like to kiss his/her couple, just do it!

  14. I’ve finally find and caught up on the new Podcast. Great job Cats…I’m diggin’ it!! And on the issue of how much PDA at the parks is acceptable…I’ll quote the movie The Wedding Singer…

    “Slightly open mouth.”
    “No tounge.”
    “Ok, a little tounge…church tounge.”

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  16. Hmm, yeah I hadn’t heard about the Surial Bath, but then again I’m woefully ignorant on the topic of Disney Cruise Line.

    So Lisa, if you and Harrison end up honeymooning on that Disney Cruise at MouseFest, will you be booking some time there?

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