Episode 4 – You gotta have friends…

OK  – You THOUGHT I was going to say “Episode 4- A New Hope..” didn’t you, didn’t you?? No? Well, this week, in the last, true “lost” cat episode, we ponder just which Disney characters we’d invite over for lunch. Or roller derby. Whatever. Subscribe over there on the right or look here!

This episode is completely PDA free! And, I now realize, also ID3 tag free! Sorry!! Keep the comments and suggestions coming! We will have an email addy up and running soon!!

Special thanks this week to some very supportive friends of the cats out in the interwebs – Jonathon & Bryan at AATM, Mike & Jeff (be dazzled, gentlemen, by my clear mastery of all things audio in this episode!!), Angel (je je!) and Trace (who resides in the state of which I am the mayor). Thanks everybody!!!


8 thoughts on “Episode 4 – You gotta have friends…

  1. Matt, dude, you WERE the one who reminded me about the MGW iTunes rating, and how I had to be careful. And this is after all the last of the “lost” files.

    I shall take this up with Miss Lisa for discussion of future topics, now that we are no longer living under the tyranny of the “clean” rating.

  2. Hey you cats share my taste in music. Blues Brothers, Jim Croce. What’s next?

    Your off to a fine start. And yeah dahling I’m dazzled…

  3. to jeff- as my audio mixing capabilities SUCK i am impressed that you identified my tunes. especially jim croce! now if we can just work in a little “workin’ at the carwash blues”!! 🙂

  4. Hey girly girls! Too funny this week. Love that you picked Robin Hood – I would so totally hang out with him and Little John!

    Keep up the good work – you’re getting better each time.

    And . . . no PDA in the parks. That’s against the rules, isn’t it???

  5. What can I say cats. Great show! Just too funny. Now since you guys talked about Streetmisphere CM”s. Can I come to the party since I used to be a CM? I swear I do not smell like Capt. Jack Sparrow. Or would it “Attract from the now. Dahling.” : )

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