Episode 5: An Hour Alone in the Parks

Can you even imagine it, an hour in the Disney Park of your choosing, with just your closest friends and family? We do our best to imagine it, and consider the possibilities.

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Special thanks to Mike Fess for the super-awesome meow meow intro!


UPDATE: we have recieved some photographic evidence of the mystery fast passe/readmission passes.. first, from trace in texas, the one i was refferring to looks like this:                                                                   

                                                                                           this is jeff’s from iowa:










got any other ones to share?????                        😉 lisa


8 thoughts on “Episode 5: An Hour Alone in the Parks

  1. Enjoyed this episode. Thanks for the shout outs. I sent a pic of a special RNR Coaster Fast Pass to Lisa. We got it during Mousefest when the ride went 101. We were next in line to board. They kept us there 20min. We used the pass two days later.

  2. yeah my friend trace sent me a pic too it’s different than what you had, jeff. i will post them both.. you guys both rock!!!! 🙂

  3. Actually I would say that I rock while Mike rolls.
    Or is it I’m Starsky he’s Hutch.
    I get so confused.

    and meanwhile on the twelfth floor of the Acme Building one man is still trying to find the answers to life’s persistent questions. That mans name is, Guy Noir.

  4. oh sure I try to impress a fellow NPR listener and I blow the last line…geeeeezzz.

    Actually I do my best to listen to Wait Wait, What’d know, and Praire Home. I don’t listen each week, but I try to. It’s like podcasts. So many, so little time.

  5. RE: Lisa’s other two friends

    Lisa came up with the best solution is giving you her other two spots, that was SWEET.but, just in case that would not work here are at least two other ideas…

    1. I’m thinking, two of your listeners selected at random could be a good choice,

    2. or perhaps if, for instance your podcast had been spun off from another podcast perhaps the folks from the podcast that gave you your start might be a good chioce to take along 😉

    oooh and one more example of a “front of line pass”
    is at the top of this page.

    BTW although the Mad Hatter is not a “rubberhead” these days, do either of you remember when he was? ( I do!)

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