Episode 6: Pal Mickey Fashion Needs

Lisa may be the more fashion-conscious of us two, but that doesn’t mean I’m without my own personal sense of style. Hence, my Pal Mickey’s got some fashion needs of his own.

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We also now have a new email address for listener feedback! Comments, feedback, or tidbits of random ephemera can be sent to us at podcast@thosedarncats.net. And because Lisa set things up all matchy-matchy, you can now also reach us at our snazzy new addresses, lisa@thosedarncats.net and jennifer@thosedarncats.net.

And hey, while we’re talking about snazzy things…any of you podcasters out there want to share a little love? Jonathan Dichter (aka The Voice) made us a fabulous promo, which you can download here if you’re willing to give it a play on your show. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!


9 thoughts on “Episode 6: Pal Mickey Fashion Needs

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  2. Hey, another great show. I have some ideas for PM wear:
    -I like to see Mickey as an ambassador or good will, a mouse of peace if you will. In this spirit I think it would be fitting for PM to sport a Universal T-shirt. I know, I know, but if Mickey can do it, perhaps humanity can do it, and the healing can begin.
    -The quitessential T of my youth “FRANKIE SAYS RELAX”
    -For the cool, crisp Orland winter evenings perhaps a Members Only jacket.
    -A T with an appropriately directed arrow that says “I’m with 1/2 of Those Darn Cats, available for download at http://www.thosedarncats.net“.

  3. Thanks for the comments Donna!

    I love the idea of Mickey in a Frankie shirt! I could make him one that says “FRANKIE SAY WAR NO MORE.”

    Man, now I find myself drifting into nostalgia…I remember walking into Hubba Hubba, which used to be a trendy little consignment shop (and is now serious leatherwear), and seeing a shirt that proclaimed, in enormous sans serif, “BAN BOLD GRAPHICS.”

  4. Hey Cats. Enjoyed the show. I always wanted to own a MPM, but could never bring myself to buy one. Jennifer is he really worth the money?

  5. MikeF, I must say that as much as I enjoy Pal Mickey for the camp value and opportunity to make cute little clothes, his value as a park guide is almost non-existent. He was fun for the first trip or two, because I hadn’t yet heard all his corny jokes and he actually had a tip or two I hadn’t heard before. But now, as often as not I know exactly what he’s about to say. I’ve grown weary of hearing that same old story about mashed potatoes every time we walk past the Commissary.

    Pal Mickey’s gone from being an irritating hyperactive child whining for attention, to being an old forgetful friend who’s told you the same story too many times. “Don’t recollect if I’ve ever mentioned Old Reliable before?” But I’ve grown strangely fond of him, and it’s fun to make him little outfits, so he’s not going away anytime soon.

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