So, you may know that we have all just returned from Star Wars Weekends 2008 – the #1 Cat and the Watchamacallit may NOT even be home yet as this podcast comes out… A good time was had by all (HOOOPLA!) – and we look forward to sharing many sounds and memories with all of you in the future – however, for this weeks episode, we share our own special version of “the trip report” – we found the elusive Terrace Noodle Station open for business!

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We came, we saw, we ate – we noted a disturbing lack of theming. Oh, and of course, we podcasted.

theming at the TTNS


  Disregard for theming during removal

 Dismay at theming removal


7 thoughts on “TDC#7

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  2. I can never go to a Disney Theme Park again without thinking, “Is this good theming?”. I would like to know what happens to the Theming once the Terrace Noodle Station Theming is taken backstage. When the theming was removed was there a Theming removal ceremony? If so was it touching, did you tear up?
    Did they have an old jam box in the corner playing the soundtrack to Monster’s Inc?
    Do you think the Terrace Noodle Station CMs should wear this shirt:

  3. No ceremony! It was not touching! They simply gathered up the wood cut-outs and carried them away.

    I cannot possibly tell you exactly how impressed I was by the CM who explained the theming to me. The children of the world can have noodles!! Only once we sat down and Lisa started questioning it did the absurdity of it sink in.

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  5. Now every time I walk through the Noodle Station (on my way to Space Mtn), I will take a moment and look for the theming! No telling how many times I zipped along the bottom level, instead of heading up the ramp, never knowing that I could have seen special theming! And now that the theming is common knowledge, and the demand will be high, maybe they will limit how much the theming brought out! Thank goodness you have photos we can gaze upon, in lieu of seeing the real thing! Thank you Cats and Whatchamacallit, for your service to the Disney community.

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