5 thoughts on “TDC#8 – A different kind of commando

  1. Seeing that I have Disney Theme Park OCD issues I will limit my “must do’s” to just a few.
    ~ I must go to all 4 parks including Downtown Disney
    ~ I must see Fantasmic
    ~ On each trip I must get to the gates of MK well before the parks opening. I must walk down Main Street when there is still a thin layer of water on the bricks. I must pause at the end of Main Street to reflect. (no, not to reflect on what a disney dork that i am)
    ~ I must ride the Monorail so I can hear, “Por favor mantenerse al lado de las puertas”.
    ~ I must have a Dole Whip float
    ~ I must eat pastries at Boulangerie Patisserie and while eating my pastries my pinky finger/digitus minimus must be erect.
    ~ HM
    ~ I must hear a Disney Transportation CM tell me a rumor that I know is total CRAP!
    ~ I must ride the WDW Railroad
    ~ I must make a fool of myself (like I am now)
    ~ I must spend time inside the Art of Disney
    ~ I must chill on TTA
    ok, that is just a few…..

  2. We usually always do all four parks, but if there was one that I could do without it would probably be the Studios (sorry Matt). If it wasn’t for ToT and Fantasmic (and probably now TSM) I could skip it one trip.

    Animal Kingdom is a must as it just recharges my spiritual batteries. As a Wiccan, we try to keep in touch with nature and seeing a park that is lush and beautifl and has the theme of protection and conservation is just the spark I need to my spiritual batteries every year.

  3. great comments! i feel like you, ken, i like the “aura” in AK! i just like the music and walking that jungle trek. i seem to always take a bunch of pictures of those prayer flags and stuff, but i jus really like them!

    and trace – you and the goats…. i just don’t know what to say!! 😉

  4. I always have to do all four parks — I actually like AK, aside from the heat. But I usually skip Downtown Disney, and haven’t made it to the water parks lately. I have two MK traditions: Any time I’m there at night, I have to get a vanilla/chocolate swirl soft serve ice cream cone from Mrs. Potts in Fantasy Land. And on my last night in MK, I have to stop by the Partners statue and thank the two of them for all the magic!

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