Happy 4th! See you at the cookout?

C’mon! Everybody is gonna be there!!! Jenn and I thought we would roll in, fashionably late, dahling (no capes!) and bring dessert! Yum! Of course, Cats LOVE cream, so I thought we could dig out my Poppa’s old hand crank ice cream maker and put the kids at the cookout to work after dinner! Doc promises the fireworks out in Passamaquody are going to be fantastic!

My only hope – and I forgot to ask him about this one – is that there is a pre-fireworks recital like I used to see in my Grandparents town of Connersville, Indiana. The Dixon Dance Studio classes would each have a turn at a patriotic interpretive dance of some sort – this was the 70’s people so you can imagine the hair, the leotards and the disco influenced reenactments of the midnight ride of Paul Revere – followed by the world’s oldest Legionnaire (he always seemed to be to me) leading the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance… Jennifer spent her fancier 4ths – at least as a teen – in Boston, so she’d have more stories about the Pops, REALLY awesome fireworks and Paul Revere…

So, time to pack up – We’ll see YOU there!! Oh, and be kind to your webfooted friends – that duck could be somebodies mother!


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th! See you at the cookout?

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  2. Great ice cream dah-lings. And hey now the kids will sleep good following that work out. We simply must do this again next year.

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