TDC #10 – Meeting Magic!

This week, we Cats talk a bit about MagicMeets, which we’ll both be attending for the first time, this coming weekend in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. The Wachamacallit reviews WALL-E (with mild spoilers), and then all three of us reminisce about the people we met during our trip to Walt Disney World last month for Star Wars Weekends (recorded live at Le Cellier).

Download the episode directly, or subscribe using iTunes or RSS feed.

We hope to see many of you at MagicMeets! We’ll have plenty of Those Darn Cats buttons to give away, and are really looking forward to meetings some of you!


7 thoughts on “TDC #10 – Meeting Magic!

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  2. Jennifer and Lisa,

    After having breakfast with you two at Magic Meets, my sister Sally and I just had to listen to your podcast as soon as we returned home. You are just as much fun in real life as you are online! I hope you guys had as much fun there as we did. Looking forward to lots more listening. Great job!

    PS. Did you see any giant birds?

  3. Hey Ladies!! Just finished listening to your latest podcast!! It was awesome! You guys are just as funny online as you are in person! I can’t wait to hear all of the back episodes. I’ll have to wait to do that when I get home to OK. Maybe I’ll call my 12y/o to download them for me before I get home so I don’t have to wait for the downloading.
    Again, it was great meeting you at Magic Meets!

    Oh, BTW How were the cupcakes in Hershey??

  4. Whatchamacallit, Dude! I loved your review of WALL•E! Great segment. I can’t wait to hear your next review, maybe Bolt?

  5. hey ladies!!!!! breakfast i think might have been my favorite part of the whole meet!!!! and i did locate an AWESOME cupcake…. am wishing i had one RIGHT NOW!!!!!

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