TDC #11: Disney’s California Adventure with Your Souvenir Guide

On this week’s episode, we chat about Disney’s California Adventure (and whatever else strikes our fancy) with Geoff Carter, of Your Souvenir Guide.

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Oh, and hey people…this one definitely wanders into PG-13 territory here and there, so remember, we never promised an iTunes clean rating!


10 thoughts on “TDC #11: Disney’s California Adventure with Your Souvenir Guide

  1. nice. i should have said “i think i saw a goat”.. i LOVED talking to geoff! i hope he will come back because he is a veritable font of hipster info – with the cranky twist of course!!!

  2. Ladies (and gentleman), another good show! I’d never come across Your Souvenir Guide, so I will definitely be checking out Geoff’s blog. Regarding DCA, I am probably one of those in the minority who really enjoys DCA as it stands; don’t get me wrong, I am really looking forward to all of the changes planned for this park, but I’ve never understood why there is so much extreme bashing of this park. And Iagree with Geoff that the Animation Building is awesome; there are so many hidden gems inside this building. It isn’t just a place to cool off in the summer or warm up in the winter, although I’d be the first to admit that’s what drove me and my family inside the first time. If you’ve never explored around this building, do so! My favorite is the Animation Academy.

    Racial stereotypes on the Jungle Cruise? Gosh, I don’t think that thought has ever crossed my mind while on that ride.

    And finally…how can you people really not love Geoffrey Rush’s Barbossa?!?!? Barbossa is my favorite character in the films, and it is because of Rush’s performance.

  3. I do enjoy Geoffrey Rush in the movie…but I have to agree with Geoff that Rush’s voice just doesn’t suit the attraction well. IMHO his Barbosa is far more effective when you can see that menacing, leering grin.

  4. geoff – you totally rock! just wait, as jenn and i become the smooth, schmoozy interviewers we know we can be, you’ll enjoy it even more!!!!

  5. Purrrrfectly wonderful podcast. Purrhaps your best yet. Geoff was a great guest and the conversation was lively and entertaining.
    I have never been to CA. I am hoping to go down some time after the refurb of DCA. Although it would be interesting to see it as it stands today.

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