TDC#13 – Have you heard the one about….


Rumours! We got rumours! And they’re not ALL about Walt Disney’s head! Make sense? It will after you download and listen to this week’s episode of Those Darn Cats! This week, The Cats discuss Disney rumours of every ilk – from the actually true to the incredibly outlandish. Some of our conformational/debunking facts can be found at

So, how much do YOU know about the Haunted Mansion? Did you know the Manson Family/Tate murders occurred the same day that HM opened? Has anyone REALLY died on Disney property? Why was Harlan Ellison fired from Disney? And, are the utilidors used for nefarious purposes? YOU tell ME!!!!

And don’t forget to check out Tairy’s new podcast here. And thanks to Nicole for the, um, interesting mix of Minnie’s Yoo Hoo that is our opening today!

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7 thoughts on “TDC#13 – Have you heard the one about….

  1. I can’t believe no one you interviewed mentioned George. It was a CM who was either killed inside POC or I’ve also heard killed himself due to unrequited love for another CM. In either case the CMs say good night George each night when closing down or there will be problems with the ride the next day. Also if you say ‘george isn’t real’ three times while riding, the ride will break down.

    Also I’d like to thank Lisa for directing a large part of the podcast to me. Alright I know you were referring to another Donna, but in my head it was me and I appreciate the personal service. Maybe you should chose another listener next week. No other podcast caters to their listeners to this degree.

  2. ken – i am so glad you recognized the timex social clubs tour de force!!

    donna – thats so funny!!! actually i did think of you as well as i feel you are my donnas secret twin!!!! i hate when i find folks i wish i could have met up with in the chicago land area now that i am way over here!!!! and, i will be happy to invent a donna show just for you too!!! 🙂

  3. I see Donna covered George. And the scene in ALADDIN is when Rajah corners Aladdin on Jasmins balcony. And as Aladdin is backing away he supposedly says “Good teenagers, take off you clothes.” I have listened to this and it really does sound like he is saying that. And yes there was a death on property. I was a C.M. in FrontierLand when the maintenance worker died when he fell from the skyway. That was just a crazy day. But of course they said he died at the Hospital. Yeah right. Another fun show cats keep it up.

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