TDC#15: Listeners, We Has Them!

We are so very grateful that you kind folks listen to our podcast! On this week’s show, we discuss your comments on our show #12, on Disney male characters from a feminist perspective.

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Also, a special shout-out tonight to Donna/chica and Trace for posting reviews to iTunes. Thanks very much, we appreciate your kind words!

And hey, can anybody out there tell me which well-known, well-loved podcaster can be heard singing Minnie’s Yoo Hoo at the start of today’s show? Yeah, I thought you could.

We are always super-glad to hear from listeners…so don’t be shy people! Leave a comment here, send mail to, send a carrier pigeon, whatever floats your boat. We’re always looking for topics for future shows, and always interested to hear your thoughts on whatever’s on your mind.


13 thoughts on “TDC#15: Listeners, We Has Them!

  1. Hey Cats, thanks for mentioning my post on your show!
    I love listening to your thoughts on Disney, it is great hearing other peoples views. Disney is so diverse that everyone can have many views of their movies, theme parks and TV shows.

    BTW, I live in Elk Grove Village, IL, right next to O’Hare Airport. So if someone has a layover, let me know, maybe we can meet and have a TDC mini-meet!


  2. Hey Cats! RichO said just what I was going to say. I loved the website link. I am a cat lover. I have 2 of them that sleep all day and drive me nuts at night. Ok now on to a question. Jen this is for you. I was wondering what’s your take on how women are drawn in the world of anime. I am not a fan of anime or comics for that matter, but I always seem to see women being drawn with huge breasts, long flowing hair and super model bodies. Now from what I see these women are written to be very confident, smart, witty etc., but how they are perceived(imho) is that of sex symbols. Just wondering what your take is. OK I will shut up now about a topic I know very little about.:)

  3. And just because you called me out on the show(even though you did not say my name)

    Hey Jen and Lise another great and thought provoking show. 😉

  4. Thanks Rich and Mike for the comments!

    Mike, about those women in anime…generally speaking, I do agree with you that the portrayal of women in anime is often primarily as sex symbols, eye candy. Any serious anime fan is familiar with the term “fan service,” which is almost exclusively about sexy little women (or teenage girls) showing their undergarments.

    There are of course exceptions. After all, anime is a huge genre, essentially encompassing all animation from Japan (and arguably other animated works as well).

    Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of my favorites, a tough chick who commands a serious military force (or is it military exactly? fans can debate this topic endlessly). The films of Hayao Miyazaki don’t usually have grown women in lead roles, but those women who do appear are generally emotionally complex, three-dimensional beings. And even Faye Valentine, the impossibly-proportioned sexpot on Cowboy Bebop, has a rather satisfying and complex backstory; plus, the series also includes an almost mythically-emo (and yes, gorgeous) woman named Julia, and one of the most unconventional and charming portrayals of a pre-teen girl ever (Radical Edward).

  5. Hey Guys,

    Loved the show as always. 🙂

    Given your thoughts on the Disney princes, I thought you might be interested in a comic called FABLES.

    It’s all based around the premise that the characters from myth and fables are real and came into being because we believed in them, and are currently living in New York as they are refugees from a war… (actually the stories moved on from there but I don’t want to spoil it for those wanting to read it from the begining).

    The reason I thought you’d like it (apart from it being a really good read) is that Prince charming is portrayed in them as:

    1) The Prince from several tales, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella…

    Which is possible because,

    2) He’s in ye olde termanology a cad, a bounder, in it for the chase but when he catches the girl (and marries her) he gets rapidly bored and moves on to pastures new.

    Quite an interesting twist an a classic tale that really plays with you perception of some characters and the archetypes you expect them to conform to.

  6. Was that really THE Voice from THE All About The Mouse podcast singing at the beginning of this week’s show?! Yay!

    Great show by the way Lisa and Jennifer. 😀

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