Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen! Ahhhhh, to be young again…. OK, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, it’s Those Darn Cats!

First up, we talk with Trace Jennings, a previous guest, Lisa’a ToonFest partner and President of The Chapter In-Between out of DFW about the NFFC, the National Fantasy Fan Club, a national organization of Disney enthusiasts. Lisa wants to start a Virginia chapter, so if you live in the Commonwealth and have $29 – email her at: or and let’s talk!


Here are a few pics from this past weekends NFFC/Capter In-Between meeting out of DFW:

Trace's Local Chapter Member of the Year certificate!

can you identify the man in blue?

NFFC In-Betweeners treasure hunting!


Then Jennifer gets in the Meow Mix with Disney Fan Chris Nolin. Chris recommends some great Disney reads, perhaps a little off the beaten path:

And you may even hear Bette Midler get a little unruly! OK, maybe that has more to do with Lisa’s editing skills, but, after you listen, you’ll know what I mean!! Thanks for listening and Happy Back to School!

Again, you can find us on iTunes, on libsyn and I’m working at Podcast Alley too! Spread the word!!


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13 thoughts on “TDC#16

  1. Great job guys! Trace, another awesome addition! I want to start a chapter in ATL!!! Any takers!?!? Oh hey, where will we be in 3 weeks and 3 days? BRING ON TOONFEST!! See you then!

  2. Greetings from the Tundra. I just wanted to chime in and second the recommendation for “Disney War.” I picked up my copy right toward the end of Roy Disney’s “Save Disney” campaign.

    While the book does showcase the whole Eisner vs Disney story, it goes well beyond that and gives a look behind the entertainment industry as a whole. It’s amazing to learn how connected the various studios and their executives really are. In particular I enjoyed learning about shows that Eisner passed on which became hits on other networks, shows such as Survivor and CSI.
    From back room corporate dealings and Jeffery Katzenburg its all in there.

    Another interesting (yet not surprising) thing is the number of people that were given promotions to top positions within devisions such as ABC. Interesting because I see that in the company I work for all the time. Promotions that aren’t really promotions. They are just a way to raise an individuals salary. Often those people are advancing because of the hard word done by those working under them. Is this just the corporate way? Well this could turn into a rant so I’ll stop here.

    I think you cats are carving your own niche here. I remember when AATM launched and was airing shows on original topics. I was pleased a Disney themed podcast could still be original. And that still holds true today. You also have been putting up original show topics. Thanks for that.

    I’ll be listening,
    Jeff W

  3. OOOOOOHHH!!! and we can randomly dress a
    AS IF we are at MNSSHP and drink around the world!!!!!! i like the way you think!! sounds like an episode at least… 🙂

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