TDC#17 Growing up in a Miley/Jonas-free and Ol’ Yeller-full Universe

Gosh, is it September already???? Time flies when you’re having fun, right pals??!! 🙂  Back to school time gets the Cats reminiscing about Uncle Walt, the Mickey Mouse Club and Disco Dancers… After all, what else is there really?

Remember these:

Lisa still dances like that…. (And she is NOT EVEN going to ask why the asian kid is doing kung fu moves, the black kid has a basketball and Angel, the latino male representative is sort of dancing then throwing gang signs… OY!)


This is the one Lisa always sees on property…

    <—–still likes to disco

i ❤ stick pins and unfortunate perms!


you (NOT your children) might also want to check out the savage lovecast…  oh, and Jennifer was correct, the Disney Radio gig WAS a table and some speakers….



Oh yes, these kids of today know how to par-tay!!   Discuss!


21 thoughts on “TDC#17 Growing up in a Miley/Jonas-free and Ol’ Yeller-full Universe

  1. Okay, just for the record here people…I refreshed my memory about the PMRC, and I am still opposed to them! Some of their suggestions are not bad (I still appreciate voluntary information provided by content creators), but I don’t think that Van Halen used satanic backmasking, and I do not believe my child’s brain will be warped by hearing Madonna’s “Dress You Up With My Love” or Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop,” even if he asks me to explain them (which would, of course, mortify his tween sensibilities).

    Actually, my child’s brain has probably been irretrievably warped by repeated viewings of Carousel of Progress, but that’s another issue entirely.

  2. girl, the rest of my outfit was a purple plaid kilt skirt and burgendy aigner penny loafers my grandma bought me. oh, and COFFEE colored panty hose.

  3. Don’t go thinking I don’t remember those loafers!! I was very impressed by your sophistication. I still can barely *pronounce* Aigner.

    Hey, aren’t we having a good time here chatting amongst ourselves? Yay us!

  4. yes, well, since when have we needed company to entertain ourselves??!! besides i feel your glorious mane and my frightening visage may have in turn sent any readers into fits of jealousy and shock!

  5. Dear Podcasting Cats.

    I could relate to the topics on this weeks show. Two movies from my youth scarred me for life. The Exorcist and Old Yeller.
    In the words of Phoebe Buffay, “what kind of sick doggy snuff film is this?”.
    Hey Travis, whatca’ doing with that gun?

    My fondest memories from elementary were the Jiminy Cricket safety films! You can order them on DVD.

    And last, I know what the “codeword” for “Halloween Disco Dancers”.

  6. Cats, love the pics!

    The first movie I saw without my parents was Jaws, first day of Jr. High. I have not seen it since.

    WDWOwner on Twitter

  7. I miss the early Disney channel. It’s too tweenagy these days. Some of the shows lack originality. Take for example That’s So Raven. That show was a pure I Love Lucy Rip Off. (and who can beat Lucy) Zak and Cody? Gag me. I want Vault Disney to return. It could run in the evenings again that would be fine. Truely it would.

    How cool it would be to see the the original Wonderful World of Disney Shows again. One of my favorite Disney shows where the Whiz Kid films. I wrote a piece about it for Glenn earlier this year. You can read it here

    As for proper manners and good morals presented on the Disney shows. I have to say it’s not just Disney that gives children such apparent authority over Mom and Dad. Other studios do it too. I recall a film (of course the name of it escapes me) in which the parents had forbidden there young daughter from entering a talent competition. Not because she lacked talent, but because the competition was aimed at older kids and it was being held in another city. The daughter decides to willingly disobey her parents when her “friends” mother says they are being stupid and that she will personally take her to the competition. Got to love a grown-up that would do that.

    Guess what? Mom and Dad find out about it after their daughter has left with the other mom and her friend. What happens is pure fantasy. Mom and Dad arrive just in time to learn that their daughter has just won and somehow all is magically forgiven. Even the other mother catches no flack. What the F… is up with that? I’ve seen this formula used on other shows too. As a parent it bugs me.

    I enjoyed this episode of TDC’s it stirred up some thinking.

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