Please check this out!

Tairy Rich, our Disney Poetess of “Did you know” and “Little Reds Riding Hood” gives me a shout out on show #12 in her “Did you know” Disney Tidbits series! By now, you all must know that i have a… fixation on the ORIGINAL Parent Trap (a Hayley Mills tour de force) and she does a mini tidbits segment on her most recent show that gave me chills!!!! I ask you, nay, i implore you to write her and, in addition to checking out her show, spam her with requests to do another segment fully on THE BEST LIVE ACTION DISNEY MOVIE EVER!!! Tell her you want to know who Andromeda is and that you need to know which cabin Susan and Sharon stay in together. What teen star does Sharon (or is it Susan hang on the wall?) How do you scare away bears in the woods? Whats the name of Hayley’s double????? And who won  the coveted Duckster for that movie?

Much thanks to Little Red for indulging me and another thank you for her very interesting Little Reds Writing Hood Show which has wormed its way into my psyche and, despite my non – artistic self, has brought me to near tears with her various topics for poetry projects.

 This Cat says —–>CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


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