TDC #22 – On the Front Lines

I’m not sure why I love this cartoon so much…I only know I do. Minnie and Pluto saving their bacon grease to help the war effort? Gotta love that, especially when you know Mickey’s out there on the front lines.

In this week’s Those Darn Cats, Jennifer discusses Walt Disney Treasures: On the Front Lines with Collateral Damage, a military history expert, who also happens to be her spouse. (The Wachamacallit chimes in now and then, of course!)

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We also enjoy a random little moment of live park audio…and birthday wishes for our own dear Lisa! In fact, we kinda sorta gave her the week off, given that it’s her birthday and all….but not to worry, she’ll be back next week for sure.

Of course, it would be way more fun to wish her Happy BIrthday in person, back at the Crystal Palace with that fabulous CM Jack!

Memories, light the corners of my mind…..

And hey, you did catch that fabulous intro, right? Once again, by none other than our great friend Jeff W! Head on over to Lisa’s DisFriends page, and you can watch the even-more-fabulous Rebel Briefing Film Strip version!


5 thoughts on “TDC #22 – On the Front Lines

  1. Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!! Have a fun day!

    Very interesting show this week, I will have to rent those DVDs and watch them some weekend.

  2. i seriously loved this show! best part – wehn jen produces, sometimes i haven’t heard the whole thing or any of it completed, so this week it was an extra birthday gift!!!!

    i hope mr BH will do more – i loved this! and the watchamacallit too!

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