TDC#25 All About the Worldly Wonder Pets!

credit to urch’s flickr stream!

So the Cats have a soft spot for our own furry children- it’s true! Though we won’t be traveling to the World with our furry family members anytime soon, Bryan Ripper from All About the Mouse joins us to discuss the ins and outs of bringing your dogs – and maybe other creatures? – to the kennels on property. For further info on this subject and the upcoming changes, you might want to check out some of these links:

   Fourtunately, the Wonder Pets are around to help save a puppy in need of those thrice daily kennel walks, the Watchamacallit rejoins us to briefly discuss our stay at the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, and Jeff W. kicks things off with a song sure to get you in the Halloween spirit!

Hurry back and leave us your comments and go by iTunes and leave us a review!

Happy Halloween and Dios de los Muertos!


3 thoughts on “TDC#25 All About the Worldly Wonder Pets!

  1. JEFF W, my Toonfest brother!!!! I LOVED your Monster Mash! Dude, it was a true graveyard smash !! If it is not to much to ask could you please email me an MP3? I can’t wait to see you on marathon weekend!

    Great show!

    With all this talk of tinkling I have to go to but I do not need the assistants or “Wonder Pet teamwork”. Is celery a diuretic?

  2. Trace, thanks for the comments and check your email. I sent the file out to a yahoo address that I believe is yours. Next Toonfest we need to hook Flat Stanley up with the Flat Cats.

    A fun and different show CATS. It still amazes me when podcasters come up with things I’m not hearing about on other shows.

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