TDC #26: MouseFest or Bust!

We are very proud to be Underwriting Sponsors of MouseFest 2008! And of course you know we’ve got some meets planned…and some other peoples’ meets to get to….and of course there’s the MegaMouse Meet….oh what the heck, we’ve just gotta point you at the whole MouseFest schedule!

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We do hope that those of you who are headed to MouseFest will join us for our Those Darn Cats meets:

Friday, December 12
“Fish are Friends, Not Food” Finding Nemo the Musical Meet with Those Darn Cats
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Location: Disney’s Animal Kingdom (In the “Finding Nemo, The Musical” queue)

Please join Those Darn Cats for “Finding Nemo – the Musical.” Look for the Cats in line outside the theater and we will take in the first showing of this amazing musical together!

Exact time TBA, but anticipate attending the first show, and meeting in line ~ 11:00 am (for an 11:30 show).

Hosts: Jennifer and Lisa / Those Darn Cats

RSVP requested but not required (please e-mail

Sunday, December 14
2nd Annual Girls Ride Out Haunted Mansion Meet
Time: 9:15 am – 10:00 am
Location: Magic Kingdom (Liberty Square, outside the Haunted Mansion Queue )

Join the Cats outside the Haunted Mansion for a thrilling, chilling adventure through the Haunted Mansion! Everyone is invited, but this morning, Ladies ride first!

No RSVP is necessary, but don’t forget to bring your…death certificate!!!!!!

Hosts: Jennifer and Lisa / Those Darn Cats

No RSVP necessary

And hey, as of this writing it looks like it’s not too late to register for MouseFest. You don’t have to register to attend…but registration does have some special benefits. We hope to see you in December!


7 thoughts on “TDC #26: MouseFest or Bust!

  1. Im so psyched for Mousefest and this show just excelled my excitement to the next level!!
    Pal Mickey is packed and looking forward to a tshirt!
    Jennifer, this will be my first trip to WDW without my son. I will be there when you need “A Shoulder To Lean On”.
    Lisa, they say, WDW is a place dreams come true and memories are made.

  2. I wanted to clue you in on something about the BETTY WHITE BASH if you read the full paragraph description of it, both on the RADP and Mousefest sites you will note that there are three words written in ALL CAPS in the description, one is BLOCK another is PARTY, and the third is BASH, so this is a clever way of saying we will get together by the Betty White statue before going to Block Party bash, though I know the evnnts organizer truly is fond of Betty White and the Golden Girls

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