TDC#27: Listener Feedback

It’s our second listener feedback show! This week we read some letters, talk to the Watchamacallit about High School Musical 3, announce a third Those Darn Cats MouseFest Meet, and throw in a couple classic Disneyland radio ads.

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After listening to the Watchamacallit’s comments, you can be sure that Jennifer’s gonna go to the HSM3 pep rally at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during MouseFest, so that he doesn’t have to suffer through attending it with her next time they’re at WDW together!

And hey Jon: Jennifer forgot to say that no, she’s never seen Where the Red Fern Grows…. but now she knows not to! (Hey Lisa, have you seen it?) And she couldn’t find a picture of the tiny little people from Mulholland Drive…but please trust her, they are super creepy!


4 thoughts on “TDC#27: Listener Feedback

  1. Hey Cats!

    I loved the emails! I met WDWJON and Ryan at Westfest this year. I really enjoyed the day I spent with Ryan. Ryan was the voice of “The Walt Quote” segment on The Mickey Room Podcast.
    This is Wayne and Ryan on Indy
    Ryan on POOH
    It’s WDWJON from Westfest

    Jennifer, I thought I was the only Disney/David Lynch fan. My email “jingle dale” is a character from the David Lynch universe.

    Great job Whatchamacallit!

    I will see y’all in a few weeks!!

    ~ Minion out~

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