TDCS #28: The Lisa Show!

When Cat #1’s away, Cat #2 shall play? That’s probably what you all will be thinking after listening to this week’s show….. In my own defense, I’d first like to say that the wacky (and somewhat profane) audio snippets you hear ARE indeed actual Disneyana – yes, that’s really Jack Wagner -The Voice of Disney -and Paul Frees (I think) (who i always confuse with Stan Freberg, but I digress) talking crazy and dropping the occasional F-bomb on those Disney bits interspersed through out the show… Actually maybe it is all Jack!!

pirate  Then, I have the pleasure of talking with the Matt Hochberg about the Disney cruising experience! MouseFest is nearing – will you be on the cruise as well?

Finally, in a monumentous moment digitally captured forever, our Jennifer sets aside the lumbar pack… for now!!!!



4 thoughts on “TDCS #28: The Lisa Show!

  1. The Lisa Show was great!! You are going to have a great time on your cruise, DCL has great service and the ships are BEAUTIFUL!!! Enjoy your veranda!!

    Also have the Chocolate decadance desert in the dining room, heaven!

    Don’t forget to send a post card to yourself back home from Castaway Cay first thing, they like to run out of stamps!

    One last thing, TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE ON THE SHIP. You can make cell phone call from the ship, but just having your cell phone on will cost you almost $5.00 a MINUTE!

  2. mike – i don’t know who that dude is, he just wandered into the p[icture!!!

    and rich – thanks! i am indeed looking forward to the cruise! chocolate decadence sounds great! i am worried about the cell phone issue! i will definitely turn it off to avoid accidental text/call recieiving as well!!!!!

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