TDC #33: Seasons Greetings!

Santa Pikachu, spotted at Mitsukoshi Department Store, December 2008

Santa Pikachu, spotted at Mitsukoshi Department Store, December 2008

Happy holidays to all our listeners! On this week’s show, we shout out to more than a few of you, and give you our best wishes for a festive holiday season and a bright, shiny New Year. Then, we play holiday tunes from Disney parks around the world!

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The music featured this week includes:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Main Entrance Christmas Area background music loop, as background for the Cats discussion
  • Holiday Graveyard Party, from Disneyland Anaheim
  • Stardust Christmas 1995, from Tokyo Disneyland
  • Happy Holiday Christmas 1996, from Tokyo Disneyland
  • A Magical Christmas (aka Baroque Hoedown Christmas Mix), from Disneyland Paris

And yeah, Jennifer couldn’t resist throwing a weird bonus track at the very end….can anybody out there name that tune?


2 thoughts on “TDC #33: Seasons Greetings!

  1. it’s electric! i would get up and dance, howevr i am neither drunk, nor at a wedding at the moment…. so i shall remain seated! 😉

  2. Happy New Year ladies!! That’s a great Mousefest vid. Although, I am wondering what happened to the Podcasters Code?!?!?!!? Lisa…we will be checking cameras at the door next weekend. LOL
    Miss you both already. =0)

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