TDC#34 – (Disney) Resolutions for the New Year


Happy 2009, Everybody! On this weeks show, you will hear from some of our friends at the Mega Mouse Meet from Mousefest 2008 and The Cats discuss their Disney Do’s and Don’ts for the upcoming year! Enjoy!

Audio you’ll hear includes words of wisdom from:



4 thoughts on “TDC#34 – (Disney) Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Cats, I think that the increase of pictures with characters may have also increased with the invent of the digital camera. Now people can take many more pictures compared to having limited amount of film and the cost of said film.

    I know I now take tons of pics because I can without spending any money on film and processing.

    Whatcha think?

  2. My Disney Resolutions:

    1. Stay at AKLV
    2. Get a photo with my favorite female character (the Evil Queen from Snow White)
    3. Get a photo with my favorite male character (Prince Philip)
    4. Actually watch some Streetmosphere
    5. Ride a few more rides I have never been on (I’ll have to check my list to see if there are even any I haven’t been on)

    and Lastly
    6. Do something nice for someone else in the parks, to bring a smile to their face and make there stay “magical”

  3. RichO, that’s a good point – the digital camera probably has something to do with it too. Probably some real synergy between the autograph thing and the cheap photos.

    And Ken, may I vote for your resolution #4? I never would have watched any Streetmosphere if my son hadn’t basically forced me to. But some of the comedy on the streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is top-notch. Get an autograph from Bucky Greenhorn!

  4. Gee – thanks Lisa (my beard, eh???) for giving out my secrets! Now how am I gonna get chicks to hang out with me at the World???

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