Run, Lisa, Run!!!!! or Those Darn Cats, Episode #35

2009_01110013OK – Cat#2 is still in a post half marathon semi-coma AND has to go to work soon…. Sooooooo, our show notes are somewhat abbreviated… But hasn’t it been said that a picture is worth a thousand words?  Yes? Well, here are a few thousand for you – Enjoy!!



"If Bruce Dickinson says it needs more cowbell....."


 A few other post-marathon weekend resources include:


Nightmare at MCO


11 thoughts on “Run, Lisa, Run!!!!! or Those Darn Cats, Episode #35

  1. Hi Lisa it was great seeing you again. I had a lot of fun this past weekend and let me know when you are here in the MK and I will try to come up to hang out.
    Love the pictures.

  2. Hi Cats!!
    Thank you so much for The Disney Dudes “shot-outs”! You know that Those Darn Cats are my podcasting heroes!
    It is so funny to hear how tired Lisa and I were waiting for Magical Express, ha! But it was a good tired!

  3. Just a comment on the diary that you got. I did this a few months ago, and Disney sent me a 25.00 Disney Gift Card. So that was pretty cool.

  4. matt-you are “mississippi matt” – tht’s how i got ya in my cell phone!!!! i still need to upload some pics…. i think i should start a flickr stream for TDC

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