TDC #37: Remembering a Disney Diva!

Ah, so many things to talk about in this episode! For some reason, our memories of a recently-departed Disney diva bring to mind TV shows like Batman:

and Emergency:

and last but not least, Living Single!

Because you know, we older chicks certainly do get nostalgic from time to time. But eventually, we do get around to talking about Eartha Kitt, also known as the fabulous Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove.

Has there ever been a more fabulous queen? We think not. Check this YouTube playlist if you need more evidence.

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For you BSG fans out there, yes indeed Jennifer’s dear spouse did blog about the possibility that WALL-E might be the final Cylon. No spoilers here people, no spoilers.


6 thoughts on “TDC #37: Remembering a Disney Diva!

  1. ok. #1 – excellent sleuthing abilities on the videos and – points to whomever else can say how you know that that’s an early intro to “living Single” (hint-it has to do with Tootie)…
    and #2 – that song disturbs me! Not sure how i missed that – what time are we talking? i can see the SF appeal, but it rings no bells! eek! maybe its an east coast thing? going to have to quiz some friends of dorothy tomorrow…..

    great work!!!

  2. I did not know Eartha did Santa Baby! I will have a completely different vision in my mind when I hear Santa Baby from now on.

  3. Yes, Eartha Kitt is Catwoman to me. “Wrong lever!”
    I can honestly say that I have been in a Gay Disco several times and enjoyed myself.
    I have never seen Living Single.
    Fun show!
    Thank you Cats for all the support you have shown The Disney Dudes!! If there is anything that the Disney Dudes little show can do for The Greatness of The Cats please lets us know! The Cats will always be #1 to me!!

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