TDC#40 – For Your Consideration….

We are ready for our close up, Mr. DeMille.....

We are ready for our close up, Mr. DeMille.....


Hooray for Hollywood! Of course, The Cats may be thinking of a different Sunset Boulevard then most of the folks tuning in Sunday night for the 81st Annual Oscar Awards….


We will be watching… and rooting for the sentimental favorite, WALL*E.




Sadly, The Cats must note that “Kung Fu Panda” not only has outearned Wall*E thus far, but took home 11 Annie Awards… Sheesh..

Ah yes, and here are just a few of the things The Cats discuss this week and/or Lisa CAN’T remember:

  • “ about nuns in Iraq…” = Persepolis (actually about a girl in Iran during the Islamic Revolution – in my defense, the basic drawings are rather “nun-like” but how likely is the phrase “Irani Nun?”)
  • Waltz with Bashir
  • Lloyd Dobler
  • The Duckster
photo crdit to the blog

photo credit to the blog









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7 thoughts on “TDC#40 – For Your Consideration….

  1. I agree with Jennifer 100%. Wall-E should have been nominated for Best Movie, and it would have won. How that Panda movie ever won any Annies is just crazy.

    The animation in Wall-E is incredible, it is so smooth, so sharp and clean (except for all of the dust). No other animation studio could even come close to the 1st 30 minutes of Wall-E. And don’t forget all of the sounds put together by Ben Burtt, he should get an Oscar just for that alone.

  2. One thing I forgot to add.

    Probably the best part of Wall-E himself is how much he reminds me of a young puppy. Curious in everything he comes across, the way he turns his ‘eyes’ and ‘head’, and how all he wants is someone to hold hands and love. The best traits of every puppy I have ever known.

  3. With the fact that a film can only be chosen to be nominated for Best Animated or Best Picture (and not both), the odds are that an Animated film will win in that catagory. So that is why I think there hasn’t been another animated film in the Best Picture catagory since Beauty and the Beast.

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