TDC #42: All About the Naked Mole Rat

Okay, we’re at it again. Don’t listen to this one with the kids….unless you want to explain some things that maybe you don’t wanna explain. Like furries, and the cultural context in which one would ordinarily hear the word “dentata.”

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If you’re looking for information about the new Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, in a decidedly more family-friendly environment, you’ll want to check out the guest appearance by our friends Sheila and Steve on Bryan and Jonathan’s All About the Mouse episode 94.

And about that penguin Jennifer cosplayed at an Anime Convention? The photographic evidence has strangely disappeared, so instead she provides this YouTube link so you can see the penguin she’s so inordinately fond of:

Update 3/5: Check it out! Our friend Ken has sent a picture of himself with Kim and Ron:

Our friend Ken, with Kim and Ron


14 thoughts on “TDC #42: All About the Naked Mole Rat

  1. Ok. I need to send you the bill for a new monitor. As I totally spewed soda all over it when the whole “pink thing that lives in my pocket” was mentioned.

    I am a huge KP fan and I never put that together, and I am saddend and suprised that my sick and twisted Scorpio self didn’t see that connection before.

  2. I was going to try the mental telepathy, but I thought a voice mail would be more fun I tried 757-337-6832, but it just rang and rang 😦 so I’ll ATTEMPT to capture what my voice mail would have ben HERE
    (after the beeep you hear me say beep-beep bee-deep to the tune of the Kim Possible beep / ring tone)
    Hi guys this was quite a fun episode, a few favorite moments were Jennifers interactions with the whatchamacalit in regards to London, it seems like the two of you were both feeling comfortable with and plying up to the concept of recording for the podcast, and of course Lisas self-censorship of her own comments in the academy awards segment was hilarious, I envy you both for having a great friend you can podcast with, but at the same time podcasting solo makes it so much easier when it comes time to cut something like that out, still it was a very creative and fun way to play with the format.
    I don’t follow Kim Possible myself but it seems like a nifty show for what it is, and I look foraward to trying out the KP Epcot experience,

    over and out,

    out and over,

    bye for now,

    and oh yeah, beep-beep bee deep.

  3. Another great episode! As a long-time KP fan, I’m glad to hear it get the recognition it deserves! Altho I’m another viewer that never thought of Rufus in terms of “pink thing that lives in my pocket”! Zoinks!!

    Now I just need to figure out how to get that Kimmunicator chime as the ring tone on my cell phone….

  4. Brian, I’m sorry to hear the voice mail line didn’t work for you! Thanks for such great feedback….and we’ll see if we can figure out what went wrong with the number.

  5. Ha, I loved it when Jennifer was telling Lisa that Kim Possible always answered her KIMunicator by saying, “Whats the sitch?”.
    And then Lisa asked, “She didn’t say bitch after that?”
    Haha, classic. Great show as always.

  6. thanks for all the comments, people! and brian – i don’t know whats up! i was just calling the number and it seems to go through for me, whether i am logged in or not to skype. maybe it was a freaky skype glitch? (rhymes with bi-otch)

    and ken, your picture is awesome but your ron stoppable looks like he doubles in his off hours as peter poan and i would never ever want to freak out that youth with salty come ons…. see – even I have limits!!!

  7. Thank you both. yeah I was a little disappointed that my call didn’t go through, but I decided I enjoyed it enough that I wanted to go ahead and take the time to put my comments on how muchIi enjoyed the show here instead, and it’s nice to see that you both saw them, since the phone line is apparently working now perhaps I’ll re-try to do a voice mail of my message, as since I put it up here i sort of have a “script” to go by now. since no one else seems to have had trouble with it and no one said, “oh Brian that number you listed was wrong”, then perhaps it was something to do with my cell phone service or something along those lines, who knows. I did try calling a few times though so I was pretty certain I had not just miss dialed or something like that.

  8. i suppose i should go check the voicemail log now….. so i shall WALK AWAY!!!!!

    oh yeah, i forgot to ask bryan if he knows what the walk away deal is. do any of you all?

  9. I suspect it is just so that other guests who are queued up to get there Kim Possible mission won’t overhear you getting yours, after all part of the spiel is that “only you are getting this special mission”. It seems as if, regardless of weather or not Kim Possible is a spy on the show, they certainly seem to be playing that angle for the attraction, and that admonition to “walk away!” would seem to be part of that.

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