TDC #44: Guilty Pleasures

HSM Pep Rally

How do we start out at “Guilty Pleasures” and end up with “HSM Re-told By Someone Who’s Never Seen It?” Listen to the show, and find out!

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We also take a little spin on the Monorail, enjoy a Poetry Corner courtesy of our friend Jeff, and puzzle with Trace over Pal Mickey’s apparent neurological event at our Fish Are Friends, Not Food Meet at MouseFest 2008. Enjoy!

Fish Are Friends! Not Food!

Fish Are Friends! Not Food!


2 thoughts on “TDC #44: Guilty Pleasures

  1. I have to agree Animal Kingdom is my “guilty pleasure” I defend it all the time, and it is because it gives me a spiritual lift that the other parks do not.

    A ride that is a guilty pleasure is the Astro Orbiter. But I think it is mostly because we call it the Astroglide Orbiter, and have to ride it because we make fun of the name so much.

    Is there such a things a reverse guilty pleasure? (where others things you are insane for disliking something that others rave about completely).. Mine would be Pirates of the Caribbean. I find it boring, old, and soooo not worth the hype.

  2. Ken, I would agree if your are referencing POTC WDW but in no way is POTC Disneyland to be put into the category of overhyped/overrated!

    My Disney Theme Park “Guilty Pleasure” is Disneyland’s Fantasyland!

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