TDC#47 An Incredible Simulation!

OK, people, here we go – We start off fast and furious with our own Isaac Strayes and the Tabbie Cats doing their own rendition of that fabulous, funky, defining a generation movie theme – “Cats! (Right On!)”, then we visit the Poetry Corner for a little beat inspired wackiness. Then the tangents begin to fly. Witness:
  • ednaEdna says:  “Dahlings, I think you are a bit confused on the whole 60’s/Mod/Nehru fashion happenings, dahlings! A Nehru jacket, my feline friends, involve  the collar. Beatles’ suits? NO COLLARS.” 
  • Chipmunks!!  
  • The Fish are Friends, Not Food Finding Nemo Meet – ahhhh the memories and the SHIIINNNNNEEYYYYYYY!!!! OOOOOHHHHHH!!  2008_12120383



5 thoughts on “TDC#47 An Incredible Simulation!

  1. My favorite Disney cover is the Mannheim Steamroller album. A great album to have on as background music anytime.

    Twitter = WDWOwner

  2. My favorite Disney cover is Louis Armstrong Disney Songs the Satchmo Way. I hear Cat #2 can do a mean Satchmo.. oooohh! SHINEY!!!! bye for now

  3. My favortie covers are any by Michel Crawford or Kerry Butler and Amy Lee’s rendition of Sally’s Song on Nightmare revisited. And even though it was never releaced as a cover, Emilie Autumn singing In a World of My Own from one of her videos she put on the internet in 2006 is probably my favorite cover of a disney song. (

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