TDC#50 – Stacey, What Happened????

And it’s not what you think – NOT the economy, NOT global relations, NOT the lack of giraffes on the Savannah. No, it’s Stacey! What in the name of all that is mouse-tastic is have they done OUR MY STACEY?????????


now THATS our Stacy!

now THATS our Stacey!

Ms. Aswad has a GREAT website and supports a charity – check it out! There ae like 8 gorgeous pics of Stacy that you can get autographed for a donation to helping stop animal cruelty – and not a heinous outfit amongst’em!

Don’t forget to check over on Tairy’s blog to find out how you can help out her charity drive.

Also make sure YOU get to be among the surveyed for the DISNEY FEUD!!!!!!


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