TDC #51: Cranky Cranky Cranky!

Who, us? Cranky? Well, yeah. A lot of things get on our nerves, and sometimes we’ve just gotta go with it.

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And no, Jennifer’s not just talking out of school about those Starbucks caffiene levels. Check this out, from Slate:

The Wall Street Journal earlier this year sent samples of coffee from Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and Dunkin’ Donuts to Central Analytical Laboratories. The lab reported that a 16-ounce Starbucks house blend coffee contained 223 milligrams of caffeine, compared with 174 and 141 milligrams in comparable amounts of Dunkin’ Donuts and 7-Eleven coffee, respectively. According to the Journal, the average Starbucks coffee drink contains 320 milligrams of caffeine.

And that little bit of Japanese Mickey Mouse at the end of the podcast? It’s Mickey’s answering machine, from Tokyo Disneyland’s Toontown. Woot!


9 thoughts on “TDC #51: Cranky Cranky Cranky!

  1. Enjoyed the show while out wogging tonight. Two things came to mind.

    First, for some reason when you were talking about bad coffee experiences I had a mental flash back to when I was about five. I often would spend the night at my great aunt and uncles house. The home also smelled of Maxwell House coffee. I remember sitting in front of the TV one night when a commercial came on starring Margaret Hamilton. It freaked me out that the Wicked Witch was selling Maxwell House coffee. Here’s an address to you tube and one of the commercials I remember.

    Second, I get cranky in the parks when people want to set there own rules and not use common courtesy.
    In 2007 we attended the Candlelight Processional. We had waiting in line for nearly two hours for the show. When we were finally admitted, the Disney Cast Members gave clear directions on were to sit. We found our seats and it was not long before a family of five came by. Someone in the party said “We can’t sit there we were told to go over there.” To which one lady responded “I’ll sit were ever I want.”

    Anyway they all sat close to us. There was one elderly lady with them and as soon as they sat down she began complaining about the seats and how horrible they were and she kept going on and on about it. The one that insisted they sit there began arguing with her and said they would not move and to stop complaining. Although it was irritating, my wife and I began cracking up because the elderly lady was clearly doing this to aggravate the other lady. She was real nasally voice and just kept repeating “These seats are awful, I hate these seats. I want to go home.”

    Finally the one lady had enough and they all got up and moved. The punch line to the whole thing is that another family took that spot and one of them commented on how perfects the seat were.

    People amaze me. I can’t help but think that Grandma had been dragged around the park all day and was simply fed up. The other gal was so stubborn. I had the impression their day had been commando all the way.

  2. I hate when one party member gets in line for a ride, then 15 minutes later the rest of the party pushes their way through the line to meet up with the first person. This is not right and Disney needs to watch for this and stop it.

    If you want to ride and there is a line, ALL PARTY MEMBERS MUST WAIT TOGETHER, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!! It is a form of an illegal fast pass. If they want to do this I suggest they go to Universal and hang out with ‘those people’! ROFL

  3. Making tea in the hotel room???? How does one do that without it tasting like really watered down coffee?

    I am a tea drinking and I have never really tried to make it on a trip, but it would help me start my day if I could.

  4. I hear you Ken! Some of the coffee pots in hotel rooms are older than others, so they suffer in varying levels from the coffee taste contamination.

    The big problem for me is trying to get the water hot enough. With some coffee makers, it works to run the tea water through twice. It doesn’t get to boiling, but it’s better than just once. But now these new one-pod coffee makers seem to short circuit/shut down if you try to run already-hot water through them. Bah.

    The easiest way to make tea in a hotel room is if they give you a microwave, but of course Disney doesn’t do that.

  5. Jen:

    I’ll be staying at a DVC next time so there will be a microwave. I guess I could try that.

  6. i have to admit that during tracefest i had moments of great crankiness whenever i realized that myself or other members of the group i was traveling with (even the tour group which, not being the leader of said tour, i was NOT responsible for keeping folks under control!) were commiting what i consider to be the ultimate theme park faux pas (no NOT PDA).

    what were we doing? the dreaded stopping in mid stream to discuss, look at maps, decide where to go next. i find i get a near hysterical panic about other people stopping in the midddle of a wlakway and i had to work very hard to not go into herding mode and physically move members of my party off to the “shoulder” of wherever we were walking. even in the tour – especially when looking about the utilidors – i found that i would stop listening to the tourguide as they talked about whatever it was and be trying to emit mind control waves to get people to move out of the path of cast members.

    sadly, the only thing more annoying than people stopping suddenly to tie shoes and the like on a walkway ids the crazy lady trying to shoo everyone off to the side….

  7. I deal with my crankiness about midstreamers by just “accidentally” running into them. šŸ˜€

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