TDC #52 Beaches and Cream!

Welcome to episode 52! This week, we discuss Cat #2’s recent visit to Beaches and Cream with Trace and me old(e) china plate, Karen from Ye Olde England-e.

CM Brad so totally rocks! Dude!

CM Brad so totally rocks! Dude!

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We discuss Magic Meets, last year’s side trip to Hershey’s Chocolate World (the cows are Olympia, Gabby and Harmony – and thankfully NOT Crispy). Shockingly, we wander a bit off topic and discuss some favorite childhood treats! 

yummy! yummy! yummy! yummy!

yummy! yummy! yummy! yummy!

crazy delicious!

crazy delicious!



We then hear a little “vintage” Disneyland audio, including what is listed as “Disneyland’s ‘Blast from the Past'” parade. This is what I found of corresponding name and date on youtube:

This video, clearly not the parade in its entirety, contains very little of the audio in the “official” recording we’ve included on this week’s show. The audio is intriguing as I am trying to imagine what characters are doing in some of these scenes. The video seems to show some of those characters I imagined on floats doing numbers running along before and after floats (note to DL parade developers: put the CHARACTERS on the floats, not the weird people dressed up like musical notes. hello??). Anyways, who knew there were Disney parades featuring the Three Stooges?

Also, The Disney Feud starts up this week – check out the Cats along with the Whatchamacallit and Mr. Matthew Hochberg next week! And you can find that Disney Dudes show here!

So, come on along now!


3 thoughts on “TDC #52 Beaches and Cream!

  1. Hi Lisa and Jennifer!

    I’m currently catching up on all of my podcasts, but I’m on TDCs now. I can’t wait to hear this seeks show, and to find out how you guys did on Disney Feud! Good Luck Cats!

    Mississippi Matt

  2. A want an Its-It!!!
    Yes, on our next trip we will get a Kitchen Sink!
    I hear a rumor that if Beaches and Cream knows that your a Disney Podcaster you will get the next available table, ha!!
    And HAPPY HAPPY year of podcasting!!!!
    The music in this weeks is awesome! I love it! What is the music from?

  3. The only time we tried to go to Beaches and Creme was when I heavily medicated from going to Typhoid Lagoon in 50 degree weather (long story). The wait was so long that we gave up. But I am so craving ice cream right now and I started back on Weight Watcher today (darn).

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