TDC #53: Jonesing, Splashing, and Psychobilly

We’re just a doggone variety show this week! Lisa and Jennifer chat for a bit, then we’ve got a full ridethrough of Splash Mountain with plenty of commentary from Lisa, Trace, and Karen, and we wrap things up with the song Disneyland by The Meteors, Kings of Psychobilly.

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Lisa’s still haunted by these sad Disney ride-wannabees:

Fozzie and Dumbo

And Jennifer just wants to stay home all day and play The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game!

(Image from BoardGameGeeks, where Jennifers dear spouse picked her up a copy!)

(Image from BoardGameGeeks, where Jennifer's dear spouse picked her up a copy!)

And those anime cons Jennifer was talking about? Well, you might be able to find her dressed as a penguin this weekend at AnimeBoston, or in July at ConnectiCon. She also seriously implores you to check out the work of Hayao Miyazaki if you haven’t already; if you’re on a Disney-only media diet, you can reassure yourself with the fact that his films are distributed in the United States by Walt Disney Pictures. Just watch this trailer for My Neighbor Totoro….doesn’t it make you smile?


5 thoughts on “TDC #53: Jonesing, Splashing, and Psychobilly

  1. ha! good one…. i think we should make a poll and see how many times people think i actually say “i hate this ride” on SM. i really rival hochberg on ride hatred on this one, although it is more my fear of actual water than of animatronic creatures that undoes me.

  2. I can’t go to the parks often at all, but I do live right ouside New York so I can see the Disney shows that are running and can almost aways find some discount for them.

  3. I have that same exact Disney trivia game in that photo… I’ve had it for years!
    Its amazing!

    Nice show by the way. 😉

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