TDC #55: Disneyland Paris Attractions

Jennifer and The Watchamacallit are planning a return visit to Disneyland Paris this summer, but their Disneyland Paris skillz are in need of some sharpening! So, Jennifer and Lisa called in an expert: Adam Goodger of the Disney Brit Podcast.

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Oh, and the link to Hayden’s Hong Kong Disneyland, and Len’s drug-addled comment? Start here at Broke Hoedown and you’ll find both. Ain’t no drinkin’ on the carousel…but what about parkin’ on the dance floor? Well??!?


10 thoughts on “TDC #55: Disneyland Paris Attractions

  1. Love the podcast…but this ep wasn’t mixed or something. Ahh! I’m deaf in one ear. Here I was all jazzed to listen to a new TDC podcast at work this morning, only to find out I had to quickly switch headphones if I wanted to hear both sides of the conversation. Each cat played out of a different ear piece! I finally gave up. I’ll have to find time to play it out of my PC speakers or something. 😦

  2. Noelle, I’m sorry the episode is hard for you to listen to. It’s not that it isn’t mixed, it’s that the software we used to record the conversation with Adam records it in stereo, with the speakers panned to different channels.

    Thanks for the feedback, and I’ll see if there’s anything we can do to make the next installment of the conversation with Adam easier on you.

  3. Oh geez, just realized the reference to that Hong Kong Disneyland trip report is in the next show with Adam…..I guess I get what I deserve for trying to get the podcast up while I’m on business travel!

  4. Great show cats!

    Listening to this show really sparked my interest in Disneyland Paris… and while I was looking at the offical website, it seems as if the resort now has designated areas for smokers. That seems like some good news.

    Also, just my opinion, but I did not really enjoy having Jennifer & the Whatchamacallit speaking in the left ear bud and Lisa & Adam in the right.

    Can’t wait for next week’s show.

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