TDC #58 Happy Birthday, Donald!

Donald’s Birthday is being celebrated all over the place, even on Those Darn Cats! We begin with a little project we’ve been working on for a while – who says we’ve all had enough with all the Disney podcasts? Certainly not Cats 1 & 2!  In our discussion segment, we are joined by the Whatchamacallit in discussing Donald’s 75th.  In the podcast, you might also hear about:

So tell us, are YOU a Donald fan? Perhaps just a Duck fan in general? Do you think any Disney characters attract a certain….. “type”? If so, we’d LOVE to hear about it!!!!!


3 thoughts on “TDC #58 Happy Birthday, Donald!

  1. “Donald people are a special people??????”

    Donald was my Disney star. I was never really a Mickey Fan, because Donald was better. He wasn’t the goody two shoes that Mickey is. He is the blue collar guy that gets no respect in the corporate machine that is Disney. He has made more films that Mickey yet he isn’t that much in the parks (or at least not to the level that he should be).

  2. I was a big Donald fan as a kid. Does that still make me “special”? 😉
    If memory serves correctly, Donald in Mathmagic Land and DuckTales: The Movie are a combo reward for a mere 1,200 points on the Disney Movie Rewards site.
    Popeye and Brutus fighting over Olive Oyl… creepy. 😮
    Two words: More Maggie! 🙂 Her timing is perfect and I love hearing what she has to say. Is she on Facebook or Twitter yet? 😉

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