TDC #63: Carousel of Feminist Progress

Ever thought about the role of women in Carousel of Progress, or other Disney Parks attractions? Well, if not, we’ve got some fodder for thought in this week’s show, in which we discuss this beloved ride from a feminist perspective.

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And, well, oops! Jennifer goofed when she said Rosey Grier was a 1970s football player….that career ended in the 1960s, which doesn’t make him any less cool or feminist, just older! And why do we call him a feminist? Well, for one thing, he recorded the song you’ve heard on the show, from the TV special Free to Be You ande Me, encouraging boys to let their feelings show and not be trapped in that tired old stereotype that boys can’t cry. Plus, the man could do a mean needlepoint, I tell you.

It’s Alright to Cry

And hey, since we’ve all been reminiscing so much about Michael Jackson lately, how about this clip, also from Free to Be You and Me?

When We Grow Up


2 thoughts on “TDC #63: Carousel of Feminist Progress

  1. sadly no!!!!! what with the date changes, we couldn’t make it fit into our schedules…. i’m starting to feel like just driving out there anyway and camping out outside! maybe catch a glimpse of lou mongello’s famous moonwalk!!!

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