TDC #67: ConnectiCon 2009

The Family That Geeks Together, Keeps Together

The Family That Geeks Together, Keeps Together

It’s a bit of a departure for us this week, as we discuss Jennifer’s recent trip to ConnectiCon 2009, a multi-genre convention for anime, gaming, web comics, and other geeky pursuits. We do get a Disney angle in here and there of course…..including an interview with TB8673 of the 501st Connecticut Garrison, who we love love love for their participation in Star Wars Weekends and other geek-tastic events!

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Jennifer’s Broke Hoedown blog has a number of pictures of Disney cosplay from ConnectiCon 2009, including the wonderful Carl Fredricksen. Or check out the whole “cosplay” tag on her blog for  cosplay pictures from other anime conventions she’s attended.

If you find yourself a little curious about the panel Jennifer co-led with her family, you can check out the slides here…..or just wait a bit, sooner or later we’re gonna have some audio from the panel on a future TDC.

As promised on the show, here’s a fan-made music video from ConnectiCon 2009, featuring footage from Kingdom Hearts. Be sure to watch long enough to catch Mickey, Donald, and Goofy!

And those Halloween pictures we mentioned?

Yo ho, a pirate's life for Lisa!

Yo ho, a pirate's life for Lisa!

Just like Marge Simpson, only pink

Just like Marge Simpson, only pink

Finally, a public service announcement: Don’t forget that September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day! It’s never too early to start practicing.


9 thoughts on “TDC #67: ConnectiCon 2009

  1. I LOVE Kingdom Hearts

    Kingdom Hearts I and II – PS2
    And the Disney Character are a larger role in 1 more than 2 but they are still a big part in 2.

  2. I even wore a Heartless (the villains in Kingdom Hearts) shirt to DHS during my last trip and one of the Citizens of Hollywood kept telling people to avoid me because he recognized the shirt. I loved it.

  3. Love Love Love Kingdom Hearts! Sora Rules! Great show cats. Like I had to tell you. HAHAHA! As a new watcher or “Newb” as Jen put it of anime I am getting into a few of these shows(Bleach Rocks!) and if a con comes to Rochester I would def. check it out. Great interview Jen. I just wish he would have actually answered your question on the cost of one of those costumes.

  4. Ken, yup, TB8673 was wearing his helmet with its voice-altering features.

    Mike, for what it’s worth I’ll bet the cost of a costume varies substantially, in part depending on whether you fabricate items yourself or somehow find them already made. But yeah, I wish he could’ve really answered that one too. I’ll bet it’s in the thousands of dollars, easily.

  5. There’s certainly a chance we’ll be at the con again. In the meantime, you can check our website for appearances. If you have questions on Star Wars costumes, DEFINITELY check our site out; we can help!

    Now, it work on our New Haven St Patty’s Day appearance…

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