TDC# 68 More D23 Mishaps and In the Mode

untitledWe start off with Lisa’s rant about the continuing D23 saga – she’s a wee bit upset with the trials and tribulations associated with all those “free gifts”…




Trace, one of the Disney Dudes, met a TDC listener while enjoying the Christmas Carol Train Tour in Dallas and recorded some thoughts – although I don’t think we know the name of listener – but she certainly identified Trace…. Cat #2’s other current obsession is Project Runway – and she’s hoping a little Disney magic will invade the reality show.                                                                   edna

And who WAS that with the “new” theme song, anyway? Eh, it was these guys.

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*Lisa has since received the lithograph and pin. Now we wait to see which residence will recieve the next set of magazines….. TO BE CONTINUED…..

5 thoughts on “TDC# 68 More D23 Mishaps and In the Mode

  1. Hi Cats,
    How frightening to plug into my iPod to settle in for a long night at work, select my “Listen at Work” playlist that includes my favorite Darn Cats, begin listening to the voices in my head (no, not THOSE voices), and then YIKES! I got to hear what I sound like on a podcast. That was me in Dallas on the Disney train and I guess I was so excited to be in such close proximity to someone that knows one of my favorite podcasters that I forgot to identify myself.

  2. marcia marcia marcia!!!!!!! i am SOOOOOO glad you wrote in!!!! i LOVED the shout out and both trace and i later looked at each other and said – “what’s her name??”!!!!!! anyways, that is so awesome that you listen, that you got to see the xmas train and that you said hello!!! THANKS!!! and you sound just fine!! 😉

  3. Oh, aDORKable Poses, let’s not forget….I’m not a D23 member! I make no promises about the future, but so far I’ve opted to keep my $80 to spend on souvenirs, Mickey bars, and Mr. Potato Head pieces.

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