TDC #70: How to Not Suck at Disneyland Paris


Waiting for Fantillusion, after perhaps a bit too much magic

Waiting for Fantillusion, after perhaps a bit too much magic

In a nod to the Geek Nights podcast, which Jennifer and the Watchamacallit are inordinately fond of, this week’s show offers helpful guidance on how not to suck at Disneyland Paris.

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Videopolis at Disneyland Paris Discoveryland

Jennifer’s Broke Hoedown blog has a Disneyland Paris trip report, as well as detailed photos and write ups on Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and Phantom Manor.

The Disney Brit Podcast has ongoing coverage of Disneyland Paris, for those of you who here a little bit on today’s show and get hooked. If you’re heading to Paris, you also might want to check out info on Walt’s American Restaurant on DLP Food Guide, and details on the Annual Passports at DLRP Magic (we recommend the Francilien, which costs less than a two-day park hopper). Or, on another topic entirely, if you didn’t understand the Watchamacallit’s reference to the comfy chair, you owe it to yourself to watch an essential Monty Python scene.

Plus, if you need additional advice on how not to suck at other things, Geek Nights has you covered for a number of subjects:

And yes! You can now email the Watchamacallit directly at Be afraid, be very afraid.

Finally, I gotta tell you: Those overpriced ponchos from Disneyland Paris sure do come in handy if you’re planning to visit Le Musée des Égouts de Paris. Yeah.

Walking through the sewer museum

One of the smelliest places on earth


4 thoughts on “TDC #70: How to Not Suck at Disneyland Paris

  1. How not to suck at Disneyland Paris was much needed because there is no doubt that I will sooo suck at EuroDisney!
    On a sidenote, International Whatchamacallit is rather feisty. Awesome always Whatchamacallit, do not be afraid to tell someone they suck, ha!

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