TDC#71 Those Skurvy Monkeys and Voicemails!


SMPD23 inspired The Skurvy Monkeys to send in a D23 review – and in turn, the Cats did a little nugget for them…. And Cat #2 apologizes to the Monkeys for the bad behavior of the Specials who were so intent on drowning out our poor Monkeys at the onset of their segment… eeesh.. And how Alice attacks at the end of our segment… Damn Audacity Beta!!!

Then it’s on to listener feedback via voicemail (we’ve got a poem read by Jeff Wasowski!) and email, even twitter!


1 thought on “TDC#71 Those Skurvy Monkeys and Voicemails!

  1. Abe is a Dirty-Old-Man-that-likes-to-talk-about-large-breasted-women-on-Main-Street! I do not think Walt’s vision include large breasted women or men being escorted down Main Street USA.

    Love the voicemail segment!

    Via ésos zurcen gatos

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