Tambourines! Drums! Candles and Wicks! It’s TDC Episode #76!


The Hat Box Ghost appears in the vintage Read Along Record of The Haunted Mansion - who knew??

This Halloween extravaganza is bursting with bonus audio – vintage, parks and creations from both TDC’s and our pals… Don’t listen…..ALONE!!!!!!! (insert evil laugh HERE).

 Now, to check out some of the references in this weeks show, try some of these links: 


  • Read-Along Adventures – of COURSE you remember this record, right? Check out the link – perhaps you’ve some vinyl to contribute? (hat tip to boing boing for the link)

Download the show here, or subscribe via iTunes or RSS


1 thought on “Tambourines! Drums! Candles and Wicks! It’s TDC Episode #76!

  1. Thanks so much for including selections from the Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House. I remember listening to it as a child. As I recall, one side of the LP had several of those cute little frightening stories, and the other side had a collection of scary sound effects.

    Great memories.


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