TDC #78: Video Games and Gawdaful Music

Jennifer’s hooked on a couple of guilty pleasure video games: Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves, and Toy Story Mania. We’ll talk about them both, and listen to a few of the songs from Disney Grooves.

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Where on earth did those awful songs originate? Well, apparently there’s a little album called Mickey Unrapped.

If you’re curious about the Epic Mickey video game, Broke Hoedown has a few links for you. And yes indeed Oswald will be the villain!

Need those tips for Toy Story Mania? Here they are, on StudiosCentral.


5 thoughts on “TDC #78: Video Games and Gawdaful Music

  1. I love you gals, but OMG…….

    those songs at the end of the podcast made me want to vomit and run screaming from the building.

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