TDC #79: Posh Disney!

Pal Mickey loves a good steak!

Pal Mickey loves a good steak!

Jennifer’s saving her allowance in preparation for a splurge or two during the fest that dare not speak its name, and Lisa’s got some advice for all of us on some Disney World splurges that are worth the cost….and some that aren’t.

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And yes, Ken, that final bit of background music was from Mickey Unrapped, just because we know how much you love it!


2 thoughts on “TDC #79: Posh Disney!

  1. hey girly girls hows it going. Im behind on podcasts and just heard the posh episode. Ive done the lunch with an imagineer 3 times now and just to let you know its the best. Its a great lunch and the imagineers are as eager to hear from you as you are to hear from them, have had lunch with the imagineer who worked with Joe Rohde on all the colors for expedition everest, the interior decorator for Cinderellas castle room, and treehouse villas, and the graphic design imagineer for magic kingdom . If you get a chance GO ill do it every time i can. See Y’all soon (i hope)

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