TDC# 88 WDW Wedding Planning

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You KNEW this one was coming, right??  This week, we devote our time a brief discussion of WDW wedding planning – specifically that of Cat #2 and her betrothed. A few of the very basic options available at the WDW Wedding Pavilion are discussed, and Cat #1 schools Lisa on the whole guest list deal. Lisa also reveals that she finds Disney weddings potentially very scary.


5 thoughts on “TDC# 88 WDW Wedding Planning

  1. How are things? As much as I’d like to be at a wedding over there (especially if I’m the groom), I do have to agree that a Disney wedding is scary in its own way (I’ve been past the Pavilion quite a few times on the monorail, so I have a bit of an idea.) All the best as planning continues!

  2. I have been boycotting weddings as of late due to whole “debate” on gay marriage, but I love the idea of the flash mob wedding

  3. Great discussion…There’s a lot to think about and while I think the basic package prices sound somewhat reasonable I can’t fathom a wedding that costs more than my car or worse closing in on my house…

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