TDC#89 – That Darn Carlo! (Pictures below – worth 1000 words….)

the group

the sneak attack

the take over

and THATS how Castmember Carlo rocked it!


11 thoughts on “TDC#89 – That Darn Carlo! (Pictures below – worth 1000 words….)

  1. You guys are officially the cool podcast. I gave at least two other podcasters the idea of doing the “Single Riders” Dance, and you came up with it all on your own. Kudos to you for reading my mind!

  2. For the second time in my life, a few seconds of my 15 minutes of fame have been used up on TDC. What an honor!

    Trivia contest winner

  3. Yo Beyonce’, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But Those Darn Cats had one of the best videos of all time!

  4. Lisa, Jennifer, let me first say thanks – but on the other hand, Mickey expects nothing less out of us.

    I really appreciate you telling guests to keep an eye out for me – but it’ll have to wait. I was there representing NC State at the College Program and my session was over on January 2nd, so I’m now back in Raleigh and back in class – although I am planning to promote the program over here. You should have seen me when I was with friends and teammates that day and the days after – I found it pretty hard to stop talking about meeting you guys!

    Now for a little countdown of sub-comments:

    5. I am indeed a Disney fan. I was also 21 at the time of the meeting (I turned 22 on the 14th of last month.)

    4. Gotta love the whole “Single Riders” idea! For the record, the dance that a lot of us on the Magic Kingdom Custodial staff knew (though I must admit I’m not one of them), even the managers, was the Cupid Shuffle.

    3. It was personally a little funny hearing the ride-through – seeing as I’ve never ridden through the Haunted Mansion myself. I have, though, panned and broomed the picture gallery during that sequence (trying my best to look nonchalant) and escorted Madame Carlotta to her bench at the Mansion to greet guests at one of our Not-So-Scary Halloween parties.

    2. You can hear how much I was knocked off-kilter by the realization that I was actually on tape. I didn’t know you were having that much trouble figuring out how to hand out the pin, so I’m glad I could help with that.

    1. I mean every word of this – Disney gave me my life back. I had a midlife crisis at 17 for 4 years that robbed me of my ability to dream fearlessly – but when I won my spot in the College Program, they gave it back and then I found it strengthened by the people I met and the experiences I had over the seven months I spent in Orlando. Not only that, but I got to see an Olympic atmosphere when I got to study abroad in China less than 3 months before the Olympics in Beijing and felt the same energy at Disney World, so all said, I had a lot of help and inspiration with leaving it out there.

    Hope this finds anyone who reads this in good spirits! Feel free to check out the College Program, if you haven’t yet heard of it or if you have heard of it but want more info at:

    If there’s anything that you want
    If there’s anything I can do
    Just call on me and I’ll send it along
    With love from me to you
    -The Beatles
    Note: I consider “From Me To You” a Cast Member anthem.

  5. PS: I am looking to see if I can do another College Program session in the near future, so who knows? Maybe I could help with the next fan meet and the next prize giveaway!

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