TDC#91 Disney & Dating – Do or Don’t????

This weeks show finds the Cats in excellent company – namely Tairy, First Lady of Podcasting, and Meghan, blogger, crafter and Disney enthusiast – joining us to discuss a love of Disney and your love life. No, not public park PDA, but what happens if you share a love of Disney…. and it doesn’t work out? Will Disney be ruined for you? Will you hesitate to combine the two again?? These questions and more* on this weeks episode of Those Darn Cats!

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* more=

  • Disney Fireworks in Chicago

Meghan has a facebook group – come join up for the 2012 WDW Marathon!!


7 thoughts on “TDC#91 Disney & Dating – Do or Don’t????

  1. Great show this week. I think it would be hard to ever shun or hate Disney, but I can see how it could happen if you let it.

    Loved the marathon talk. Not sure what 2012 holds for me yet, but 2011 is going to be interesting :)!

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  3. When I started listening to the “Dating” show I thought to myself – “why didn’t they ask me to be on there”??? 😉

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