TDC#92 Bridezilla Attacks!

Last week both Cats were out of town, Jennifer in beautiful Hawaii, Lisa in Texas. Cat #2 thought she’d take the mic and ask her very own Disney Dude how she was rating thus far on the “Bridezilla Scale”. She’s sorry she asked. Is it worse to be  Disney Bridezilla or a Disney Zombie Princess?

Check out these”Disney Inspired” Fashions –

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5 thoughts on “TDC#92 Bridezilla Attacks!

  1. I love the Kirstie Kelly dresses. If I were to get married tomorrow I would get the Sleeping Beauty collection 4 dress with the cap sleeves. It’s pretty much exactly what I’ve ever wanted in a bridal gown. Of course, when/if the time comes for me to get engaged, it’ll be gone I’ll have something else in mind that equals perfection.

    (Also, I kind of want to hate on Hot Topic because it’s such a wanna-be-emo-cliche, but they do have the best merch for the books/films I love, so I give in. Hot Topic will likely be getting some of my hard earned dollars.)

  2. Love the Sue Wong dresses. I personally think the Cheshire Cat T-Shirt at Hot Topic just might have to come home with me :)! Love all the fun items at Hot Topic.

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