TDC#96 Music to Wedding By

This week, the Cats are mulling over Disney wedding music choices and the Skurvy monkeys have added their 2 cents at the end of this weeks show. Lisa would love to get some offbeat wedding music suggestions from you!!! CALL US!!! our new phone number is LIVE!!


On a more serious note, please remember friend of the show, Rich O., aka wdwowner, in your thoughts and prayers as he has unexpectedly lost his beautiful wife, Cathy, to whom he donated a kidney 12 years ago, this past weekend. Hold your family members close and please consider becoming an organ donor and giving the gift of life someday.  Please consider making a donation in her memory to the Les Turner ALS Foundation. Thanks to Rich, Cathy and he had 12 wonderful years together. I know those years were worth more than any treasure on earth. We love you, Rich, and are thinking of you.


3 thoughts on “TDC#96 Music to Wedding By

  1. I haven’t started listening to this episode yet (I will after this conference call here at work), but I thought I would chime in with a song

    “So Close” from Enchanted.

  2. How about music from Wishes? On the Wishes soundtrack CD, track 9 (I believe) is a romantic pop version of the main theme. Or you could use Promise from the Illuminations CD.

  3. Oh, there’s so many choices…

    I think that “Baroque Hoedown” would be good for the processional or the recessional music. Or both… you could do differing versions for each – original synth version for one, and something like the one on this CD for the other:

    If you want a mach, you could try “The Mickey Mouse Club March” or “March of Cards” (from Alice in Wonderland). Perhaps Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah would make for a nice ‘satisfactual’ recessional? Maybe you want something that sounds like a more traditional wedding march, but has a Disney connection – try “Chim Chim Cher-ee” from Mary Poppins, in the style of Pachelbel from this CD:

    I could go on and on, but I won’t (too late, I know), but here’s a short list of a few other CD’s that have a song or two or three that would be good for the reception:

    Oh… and of course you should really slip “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo” in there somewhere, too.

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